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How to Make Your Towels Super-Absorbent ?

In my little research, I found out that to make towels appear fluffier and more appealing to consumers,  manufacturers add a super fabric softener to their towels. But it is this same fabric softener that drastically reduces the absorbency of … Continue reading

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How to remove pet hairs from clothes, sofas or bed linen?

To swiftly remove pet hair from clothes or house furniture, rub them with old-fashioned rubber gloves (like what people wear for doing kitchen dishes). You can purchase them at any super market. Dampen the gloves first for an even quicker … Continue reading

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How to descale a kettle?

Pour in a mug of water, a mug of vinegar and 3 tablespoons of salt. Boil the kettle and leave overnight. Reboil at least twice with clean water before using.

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