Beverley Jackson Reardon

Eunike Living is a great company. Every time they came to clean my home, it was very professional. Our cleaner was always very nice and polite, and she was very thorough and meticulous. When she left my house was always spotless (and streak-less), despite their method of not using chemicals. I would recommend their services to anyone,especially those with children.

Thanks Eunike Living!

Ruth Li City Edge Apartments

2 August 2010

Justin Sih

I just had some renovation work done for my home, which left it extremely dusty. Since I had some friends from overseas coming to stay soon, I urgently needed to get the mess cleaned within the week. Despite their very busy schedule, they did their best to make time to come and clean the apartment. I was very impressed with their work, which far exceeded my expectations. The attention to detail was amazing and not a spot was missed. My home was like new! What is more is that they are an environmentally conscious company, which uses green products!

I will definitely be recommending Eunike Living to all my family and friends! Last of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Francis from Eunike Living, for his friendly and reliable service.

Justin Sih Blk 29 Chai Chee Avenue

29 January 2010

May Low

I am a clean freak and been doing my own home cleaning for many years until 5 months ago. Due to my hectic lifestyle, I decided to engage part-time cleaning service. My husband always commented it will be difficult for anyone to meet my high standards and indeed I spent about 1 month browsing thru the web to find my perfect fit. I contacted many to find out their hygiene standards, types of cleaning products used, schedule flexibility and resourcefulness of staff. Only Eunike Living matches my demands and  I was very happy when Mey suggested to drop by my place for me to assess and decide after her presentation.

I was having my doubts 5 months ago and wondered how chemical-free cleaning can work out but i am truly impressednow by the natural cleaning concept. My home now have a different “feel” after every cleaning, the green and slick atmosphere is simply enjoyable. In addition, Mey is always very professional and understands my high standards of cleanliness. Even my German Shepherd can interact with her which I find at ease. As the cleaning is only on weekends morning, I usually sleep in peace while Mey is busy at work. Most importantly, the cost is very reasonable and comparatively below other quotations. Thanks alot, Mey!

May Low White Water Condominium

10 October 2009


I was having a major problem with the flooring in my living room. HDB had to replace the tiles for the whole living room just before Hari Raya. Can you imagine the mess and dirt that was created?

The dirt spread to the whole house – kitchen, bedrooms, toilets… and my furniture and fittings were all filled with dust.   And all these with Hari Raya just 4 days away!

I desperately needed help to clean the house and decided to engage Eunike Living to Spring Clean my house. They came on short notice in the morning of Hari Raya’s eve. I left the house for them to clean while I sent my kids to school.

I came back 5 hours later and they were still at work. The outcome – my wife and I were very satisfied. Only 2 words to describe “GREAT JOB!”. I was pleasantly surprised to see my house transformed – so clean! It was like a brand new house.

Thanks to the cleaning staff who really put in a lot of effort and paid attention to all the details. I highly recommend Eunike Living Cleaning Services to anyone looking for a professional and reliable cleaning company that delivers beyond your expectation.

Sham Blk 408B Fernvale Road

25 September 2009

Mrs Margaret Lee

I engaged the services of Eunike Living since March 2009 after I stopped employing domestic helper; someone I relied on for almost 20 years.

Eunike Living sold me the idea of cleaning my home using their microfiber products without using any form of detergent. To be frank, I was skeptical. How does one clean a house without using any detergent? However, I was open-minded and took up their eco-friendly recommendations.

It has been almost 6 months and I have to admit I am very satisfied with Eunike’s cleaning service. I have to add, my shower screen has never looked so bright and clean before engaging Eunike Living services. Finally, Eunike Living’s personnel are reliable and dependable.

Mrs Margaret Lee Bedok Ria Crescent

14 September 2009


My husband and I are very pleased with our decision to choose Eunike Cleaning.  We did a lot of research before deciding, and found that Eunike offered the best overall solution for our needs.  Mey visits our condo once a week and never disappoints us.  Each tasks is completed during every visit with the highest standards.  We have never once came home to find something forgotten or not to our liking.  She is also thoughtful and considerate; anytime we have had to request a change in time she is always willing to accommodate our needs.  We have recommended Mey to colleagues and friends and would recommend Eunike’s services to anyone who is looking for a fabulous cleaning service that will surpass all your expectations.

Charity The Sail Condominium

9 February 2009

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