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    Rochester Midland Corporation (RMC), USA has a 120+ years history dating back to 1888 when the company was founded. It is a leading manufacturer of specialty industrial chemicals. Today, it is the largest Bio-Based manufacturerof cleaning products in the cleaning industry. RMC was accorded the Best New Bio-based Technology – USDA.

    Along with a multitude of prestigious awards, RMC has become the first company in the world to receive Green Seal Certification on four cleaning products which are the Enviro Care® Glass Cleaner, Tough Job Cleaner, Neutral All Purpose Cleaner, and Washroom Cleaner. 

    RMC Green Credentials 

    RMC’s experience speaks for itself.  RMC has been a leader in Green Cleaning since the late 1980’s.   

    • 1988 – Introduced Enviro Care Product Line
    • 1996 – Best New Biobased Technology – USDA
    • 1997 – Co-Recipient of White House Closing the Circle Award
    • 2002 – First Company in the World to Receive Green Seal GS-37 Certification
    • 2003 – White House Closing the Circle Award winner
    • 2004 – RMC Certified Green Housekeeping Professional Program Introduced
    • 2007 – EcoLogo Certification on Enviro Care Floor Care & Biologic Product Lines

    Additional credentials:

    • Chaired ASTM committee on Standards for Environmentally Preferable Cleaners
    • Chaired President Clinton’s Green Chemistry Challenge Awards Program
    • Recipient of Outstanding Reformulation Award (North America Hazardous Material Association)
    • Recipient of Best Technology at Biobased Products Expo, sponsored by Dept. of Energy, Dept of Agriculture, and the New Uses Council.
    • Recipent of Green Seal Environmental Partner certificate for promoting environmentally responsible business practices
    • Recipient of Green Chemistry Challenge recognition for outstanding service in developing and implementing the President Green Chemistry Challenge.
    • Nominated the President’s Council on Sustainable Development Action Committee to help implement community based development programs with focus on green housekeeping and maintenance.

    Enviro Care® Cleaning Products 

    For Your Home.      For Your Office.     For Your Health!

    Enviro Care® is RMC Green Housekeeping’s Cornerstone. In 2004, RMC pioneered a new concept in the cleaning industry when it introduced Enviro Care® , a line of environmentally preferable, high performance, bio-based cleaning products.

    Enviro Care cleaners and floor coatings are non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-combustible, and non-reactive. The cleaners contain no hazardous ingredients, glycol ethers, petroleum distillates, nor suspected carcinogens or ozone-depleting compounds and are phosphate free. The Enviro Care Floor Coatings contain no heavy metal complexes or endocrine disrupters, are slip resistant, create no toxic fumes, and require no special respiratory equipment.

    RMC continuously improve the Enviro Care products and recently redesigned the products for greater use of rapidly renewable resources (bio-based), to meet even tougher standards for aquatic toxicity, biodegradability and human health – while improving the already great product performance.

    Enviro Care Glass Cleaner, Tough Job Cleaner, Neutral All Purpose Cleaner, and Washroom Cleaner are the first cleaning products to be recognized as Green Seal-certified. This means that these cleaners meet high levels of performance, and pose minimal threats to human health and the environment compared to most other products in these categories.  The Enviro Care® line of cleaning products are also awarded the EcoLogo certification.

    In an article “The Cleanest Cleaners” in the October 2000 issue of Lodging Magazine, authors John Paul Kusz and Mark T. Petruzzi said “Enviro Care cleaners were clearly environmentally superior than products currently used, well designed with regard to their formulation in terms of environmental, health, and safety issues  and were proven better in objective analysis.”

    Green Seal GS-37 Cleaners Certification

    Why Enviro Care® Green Cleaning Products?

    Traditional cleaners can be dangerous to use and can greatly affect indoor air quality with irritating fumes, harsh acids and alkalis, glycol ethers, particulates, petroleum distillates, and even carcinogens. The negative impact can extend to your family’s health and also afffect the productivity and health of employees, customers and other building occupants.

    The  world is full of toxic products ….. your home shouldn’t be.               

    Why choose Enviro Care® Cleaning Products ?

    Reputation and Reliabiltiy

    • Made in USA by RMC, a company with more than 120+ years reputation in maufacturing specialised cleaning solutions. 


    • Not all green cleaning products are truly green. Enviro Care® products are independently certified by 3rd party Green Seal and EcoLogo to be non toxic, non harzardous, non ozone depleting, biodegradable and have high levels of performance.


    About Green Seal and EcoLogo Certification

    Green Seal Organisation

    180_GScert_2PMS_sm Green Seal is an independent 3rd party non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting the environment by promoting the manufacture and purchase of enviromentally preferable products. Green Seal has developed enviromental, safety and performance standards, approved by the EPA, for a range of products and services used in both institutional and household settings.

    EcoLogo Organisation

    4270 Ecologo founded in 1988 by the Government of Canada and is now recognized world-wide.EcoLogoTM is North America’s largest, most respected environmental standard and certification mark. EcoLogo provides customers (public, corporate and consumer) with assurance that the products and services bearing the logo meet stringent standards of environmental leadership.

     How to Order

    You may order the Enviro Care® green cleaning products on-line. Alternatively you can place your order by sending us an email to sales@eunikeliving.com stating the product description, quantity, delivery address, name and contact number. We will contact you to confirm the order and arrange for the delivery date.

    For order that is less than $50, there will be an additional $5 delivery charge.

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