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Move Out Cleaning Service Singapore

Post Move Cleaning Service – End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

Your house rental lease is coming up and you need to plan for hand over cleaning of the apartment to the owner beside a thousand other things that you need to do. You may be tempted to do the move-out clean yourself or with the help of your helper or family member. 

Don’t do this as most tenancy agreements would require you to engage a Cleaning company Singapore to do the Post Move cleaning. If the Move Out clean is not done or done professionally, you risk owner delaying the return of your rental deposit and charging more than you would otherwise pay for the professional cleaning service. 

Besides doing a deep cleaning after you have stayed in the apartment for some time would require specialized cleaning materials and equipment.  It is simply not worth your time and effort to do it yourself. 


Why engage us for the Move Out Cleaning?

At Eunike Living, we have been providing our professional cleaning services to thousands of bungalows, houses, and apartments in Singapore since 2008.

We aim to deliver a professional cleaning service that will more than meet the expectations of the tenant as well as the owner who is taking the apartment back. 

Our cleaning staff are highly experienced in this type of deep cleaning service and have been working with our company for many years. You can see from the testimonies received from our valued clients that our house cleaners will usually deliver above expectations.  

We endeavour to use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and equipment to deliver a clean home and a healthy environment. For example, the degreaser used for degreasing the kitchen cooker hood and hob is citrus-based and eco-friendly.  We also bring a whole suite of cleaning equipment like ladders, vacuum cleaners, scrappers, window squeeze, etc to reach and properly clean the hard to reach areas.  


What is covered in the Post Move Cleaning Service?

One important aspect of Move Out cleaning that differentiates it from other types of House cleaning service is that the kitchen needs special attention and effort and cleaning materials to deliver a satisfactory cleaning job. The fridge and oven which had been used need to be thoroughly cleaned inside and outside. All the detachable parts need to be removed, clean, and scrub before putting them back. Also, the cooker hook and hob and maybe the kitchen cabinets need to be degreased and clean as well.

Below is the generic work scope that is covered for our Post-Move-out cleaning service. It may also include waterjet cleaning the exterior pavement areas and car park porch for landed properties.

What we will do for You?


  • Sink cleaned
  • Fixtures cleaned
  • Tub and/or shower tiles cleaned
  • Toilets cleaned inside and out, including base and behind
  • Vanity top cleaned
  • Mirror cleaned
  • Glassdoor cleaned
  • Wall tiles wiped
  • Windows glass, frames, tracks, grilles cleaned
  • Fingerprints removed from all woodwork, doorframes and switch plates
  • Tiled floor vacuumed and mopped


  • Countertops and backsplash cleaned
  • Cabinet fronts cleaned
  • Inside of cabinets cleaned (if empty)
  • Sinks scrubbed and wiped down
  • Wall tiles wiped
  • Fingerprints removed from all woodwork, doorframes and switch plates
  • Windows glass, frames, tracks, grilles cleaned
  • Tiled floor vacuumed and mopped
  • Clean cooker hood and hob
  • Wipe exterior of electrical appliances, washer & dryer, oven and fridge external and internal (if empty)


  • All areas dusted – on top, on front and underneath
  • Windows glass, frames, tracks, grilles cleaned
  • Cupboards/wardrobes wiped outside and inside(if empty)
  • Ceiling fans and blinds dusted and cleaned
  • Wipe exterior of air-con blower units
  • Fingerprints cleaned from all woodwork, doorframes and switch plates
  • Skirtings wiped
  • Hard surface floor vacuumed and mopped

Other Living Area

  • Furniture/cabinets/TV dusted
  • Hard floors vacuumed and mopped
  • Carpeted floors vacuumed
  • Ceiling fans and blinds dusted and cleaned
  • Skirtings wiped  and cobwebs removed
  • Windows glass, frames, tracks, grilles cleaned
  • Fingerprints wiped from all woodwork, doorframes and switch plates
  • Balcony floor vacuum and mopped
  • Sliding door glass cleaned
  • Wipe exterior of air-con blower units


  • All ceiling fans and lights that can be safely reached by a ladder cleaned (except chandeliers or lights with delicate designs).
  • Remove cobwebs from ceiling corners
  • Clean racks, vacuum and mop storage room if accessible