Your apartment rental lease is soon running out and you know your have to get your house professionally cleaned to return the apartment to the owner.  It is typically stated in the rental lease agreement that the apartment should be professionally cleaned including the curtains before handing back the apartment. Failing which, the owner would engage his or her own cleaner and deduct the cleaning fees from the rental deposit.

 There are lots of things to take care of when you are moving out of an apartment to relocate to another which could be to another country. So, planning for your move out clean is important. Start early and engage the owner or the owner’s property agent to get a better understanding of their expectation such as cleaning of curtains. Is steam cleaning of the curtains good enough or do they require the curtains to be dried clean. Also agree on the handover date so you can plan backwards when to get the apartment and curtains cleaned.

Sometimes it is wrongly assumed that move out cleaning is just like a regular house cleaning which is general wiping and mopping of surfaces. However, move out or end tenancy cleaning is much more than that.  To ensure you can successfully hand over the apartment when the lease is up and not risk your rental deposit being deducted by the owner for cleaning fees, it is highly recommended to engage a professional cleaning company to provide the move out cleaning services rather that attempting to clean the apartment yourself or engaging independent cleaners to do that for you.

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What is Move out Cleaning?

Move out cleaning is sometimes called End Tenancy cleaning or Post Move cleaning. It is a deep cleaning that is required to bring it back to the state of cleanliness when you first moved into the rented apartment.

Usually when you engage a cleaning company, they will send a team of experienced cleaners with the appropriate cleaning supplies such as ladders, degreasers etc. It is a top to bottom cleaning covering almost all surfaces in the apartment including ceiling lights and fans, windows, window frames, electrical appliances such as ovens, fridge, washing machine etc. The interior and exterior of surfaces of cupboards and cabinets need to be wiped clean as well.  Oily and greasy surfaces in the kitchen such as the cooker hob and hood, kitchen cabinets need to be degreased.  For landed properties, it may involve waterjet cleaning of the exterior of the house.

Sometimes it requires using special chemicals to remove tough stains in toilet bowls and on toilet floors. It may also involve using a machine scrubber to clean floor that is really stained and dirty.

In summary, a Move Out clean is more demanding, more detailed and a much wider scope that normal house cleaning. You should engage professionals to do that to ensure the apartment is properly cleaned for a fuss-free handover.