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Post Renovation Cleaning Service Singapore

What is Post Renovation Cleaning Services? 

After a renovation work is done, there is a need for proper cleanup to ensure that the house or apartment is ready and liveable. There is a lot of detailed cleaning work for both internally or externally of a premise that must be performed after renovation to remove dirt, dust and debris from surfaces.

Some of the post renovation cleanups are being done by the renovation contractors after completing their project. Usually, a renovation contractor will do a general sweeping of dust and clearing of construction debris after he finishes his renovation work. There are still dusts everywhere from the ceiling light and fan to the windows and window sills and tracks to the interior of cupboards and cabinets and the floor. And this level of general post renovation cleaning is vastly inadequate for you to move into the newly renovated home.

You have two options, to do the house cleaning yourself with help from friends and family or to engage a professional cleaning company. It is important to note that cleaning up after a major renovation is very different from your regular house cleaning. It requires more time and effort as you need to deal with the amount of dust and stains left behind. It also requires cleaning to cover hard to reach areas and high places like the ceiling fans and wall ledges etc.

Besides, you need to have the proper equipment (ladders, vacuum cleaners, scrapers, etc) and cleaning materials to deal with Post-renovation cleaning service Singapore tasks. Planning for and the actual moving back to your renovated home is already stressful and taking much of your effort and time. You should leave the cleaning to post-renovation cleaners to professionally and thoroughly clean your house for moving in.

Post Renovation Cleaning in Singapore

Why engage Post Renovation Cleaning Service?

Property owners need help from a professional cleaning services company to do a thorough cleaning of the premises after completion of the renovation work. A professional cleaning company like Eunike Living will have the proper cleaning equipment and appropriate cleaning solutions and expertise to deliver a well-cleaned house or apartment that you can move in immediately after the cleaning is done. These include:

  1. Removal of tough stains and remnant debris

At the end of the renovation process, there will be areas with paint drips tough stains or grout that smudge the tiles.  Professional cleaners would know how to remove the stains after renovation without damaging your newly renovated property.

  1. Cleaning supplies and waste disposal

Professional cleaners will provide all the industrial-grade cleaning solutions like detergent, acid wash and tools like ladder, mop, scraper, brush needed for the post-renovation cleaning process. As soon as they are done, they will sort out how to get rid of the waste as well.

  1. Save your time and energy

After renovation cleaning service is no joke. You have to check and clean every part of the wall and floor. If the renovation involves the installation of plaster ceiling, you might have to check the ceiling as well! With your little or no experience in this area, you might triple the time than the professional cleaners would normally need to clean your house.

  1. More than just the floors and walls

Even if your renovation work only involves a single area like the living room, don’t underrate the amount of dust collected by fabrics and furniture in other areas. Wall-to-wall carpet as well as Rugs will be cleaned with an industrial-grade vacuum cleaner. All furniture, cabinets, doors, windows, and grilles need to be dusted and cleaned too.

  1. Do it for your health

Paint fumes, Cement dust and other renovation debris can affect your health. So you would want it to be carefully cleaned and sanitized after a long period of renovation work.


Post Renovation Cleaning Review of Our After Renovation Cleaning Service

Cleaning of an apartment after renovation is not for the faint hearted and definitely not an easy task. There are stains which only professional tools and special detergents can combat with. The customers testimonies for our high quality of work and many years of experience at our post renovation cleaning Singapore company support the fact that we have one of the most impressive post-renovation cleaning price of home renovation cleaning services in Singapore. Our post-renovation cleaning team includes trained experts who will make this difficult job easy.

Some property owners will consider doing this clean up themselves or hire one part-time cleaner to help out. This can be an error, as a post-renovation cleaning isn’t related to as normal cleaning. It doesn’t seem that way due to different traces and scratches on the ground, walls, or other surfaces.

Sometimes, after trying to clean the house on your own, you may damage the surfaces simply because you lack some specialized knowledge in this sphere. To avoid causing damage to newly renovated surfaces accidentally, it’s better to depend on the professionals. In this case, you won’t risk accidental damage which results in more repair work, and your house will be spotlessly cleaned for you to enjoy. We are able and ready to assist you with this particular kind of cleaning.

Instead of doing it yourself, consider hiring professional cleaning company like Eunike Living who specialize in cleaning landed houses and apartment after renovation work is completed.


Post Renovation Cleaning Service Singapore

Post Renovation Cleaning Services Singapore is one of our specialized deep cleaning services that our professional cleaners perform regularly. Your apartment is supposed to look like brand new and squeaky clean after renovation.

Post reno cleaning service has many different nuances. Dust gets everywhere as a result of construction work. Also, grease, grime, paint splatter, debris, and glue gunk are customary of any repair work. If your premises went through even a small renovation project, it is better to call cleaning experts for post reno cleaning.

Our post renovation cleaning covers many areas in detail. The generic work scope for post renovation cleaning is provided below for your reference.

As soon as our intensive post renovation cleaning is complete, you’ll be able to unpack in a thoroughly clean and fresh environment. We take proper care of our client’s property and maintain steady high standards of house cleaning after renovation.


Final Note

We provide post reno cleaning service for any kind of building renovation projects such as houses, offices, shop lots and others in Singapore. A post renovation cleaning service is critical after the long process of renovation to clear up the crazy aftermath mess of renovation.

Our deep house cleaning service includes ready workmanship to assist you to clear up the post renovation mess and confirm every corner of your home is spotlessly clean. Our professional cleaning after renovation service team is focusing on removing the renovation dust and debris and punctiliously cleans the house or office for you to transfer in quickly. Our team are using professional and effective cleaning equipment to help in the cleaning process so it can be done as quickly and properly as possible to avoid causing interruption to your scheduled activities.

Give us a call and we will be glad to provide you with more info or answer any query you may have. It is also for us to convince you why we are the most reliable and professional post renovation cleaning service in Singapore!


Post Renovation Cleaning Process – Checklist

As mentioned above, after-renovation cleaning is not the same as a daily or weekly maintenance cleaning for your home. It requires a proper approach and detail to ensure all areas are covered and dust and dirt are removed even from hard to reach areas.

A top-down approach is needed here, starting from the ceiling and then focusing on all items along the way down to the floor.  Below is a generic and comprehensive list of items/areas that should be covered in a post-renovation cleaning.


  • Sink cleaned
  • Fixtures cleaned
  • Tub and/or shower tiles cleaned
  • Toilets cleaned inside and out, including base and behind
  • Vanity top cleaned
  • Mirror cleaned
  • Glassdoor cleaned
  • Wall tiles wiped
  • Windows glass, frames, tracks, grilles cleaned
  • Fingerprints removed from all woodwork, doorframes and switch plates
  • Tiled floor vacuumed and mopped


  • Countertops and backsplash cleaned
  • Cabinet fronts cleaned
  • Inside of cabinets cleaned (if empty)
  • Sinks scrubbed and wiped down
  • Wall tiles wiped
  • Fingerprints removed from all woodwork, doorframes and switch plates
  • Windows glass, frames, tracks, grilles cleaned
  • Tiled floor vacuumed and mopped
  • Clean cooker hood and hob
  • Wipe exterior of electrical appliances, washer & dryer, oven and fridge external and internal (if empty)


  • All areas dusted – on top, on front and underneath
  • Windows glass, frames, tracks, grilles cleaned
  • Cupboards/wardrobes wiped outside and inside(if empty)
  • Ceiling fans and blinds dusted and cleaned
  • Wipe exterior of air-con blower units
  • Fingerprints cleaned from all woodwork, doorframes and switch plates
  • Skirtings wiped
  • Hard surface floor vacuumed and mopped

Other Living Area

  • Furniture/cabinets/TV dusted
  • Hard floors vacuumed and mopped
  • Carpeted floors vacuumed
  • Ceiling fans and blinds dusted and cleaned
  • Skirtings wiped  and cobwebs removed
  • Windows glass, frames, tracks, grilles cleaned
  • Fingerprints wiped from all woodwork, doorframes and switch plates
  • Balcony floor vacuum and mopped
  • Sliding door glass cleaned
  • Wipe exterior of air-con blower units


  • All ceiling fans and lights that can be safely reached by a ladder cleaned (except chandeliers or lights with delicate designs).
  • Remove cobwebs from ceiling corners
  • Clean racks, vacuum and mop storage room if accessible