Enviro Care Glass Cleaner

Enviro Care Glass Cleaner

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EnviroCare Glass Cleaner is a high performance solution that leaves windows, mirrors, and all other polished surfaces squeaky clean and free of streaks and hard water deposits. Highly effective, even on heavily soiled surfaces.

Environmental & Safety Benefits:
Non Toxic (aquatic & human), No Ammonia or Alcohol, Phosphate Free, Biodegradable, Contains No Hazardous Ingredient, No Petroleum Distillates, No Glycol Ethers, No Alkalies, Non-Corrosive, VOC Compliant, Made Using Renewable Resources, NPE-Free.

For hand application, apply EnviroCare Glass Cleaner to the surface to be cleaned with a sprayer or clean cloth. Wipe dry with a clean soft cloth or paper towel. For use with a squeegee, dilute at 4 oz. per gallon, apply using a sponge or window cleaner applicator, remove using squeegee. Recommended for cleaning glass, mirrors, porcelain, enamel, stainless steel, chrome, Formica, plastic and ceramic tile and other polished surfaces.