Price : $30.00


1 x Enviro Care Glass Cleaner
1 x Enviro Care Low Foam All Pupose Cleaner
1 x Microfibre Cloth (Free)

The General Care Pack is designed for general maintenance cleaning of the house. It consists of the Enviro Care Low Foam All Purpose Cleaner which can be used for routine cleaning of any surfaces that are not heavily soiled. Just spray and wipe and no rinsing is required.

The Enviro Care Glass Cleaner is used for cleaning any glass surfaces such as mirrors, glass sliding doors, glass windows. Application is simple. Just spray and wipe dry with the microfiber cloth provided. The microfiber cloth should be used dry.

You can refer to the product information for Enviro Care Low Foam All Purpose Cleaner and Enviro Care Glass cleaner for more detailed instructions on usage.