I am a clean freak and been doing my own home cleaning for many years until 5 months ago. Due to my hectic lifestyle, I decided to engage part-time cleaning service. My husband always commented it will be difficult for anyone to meet my high standards and indeed I spent about 1 month browsing thru the web to find my perfect fit. I contacted many to find out their hygiene standards, types of cleaning products used, schedule flexibility and resourcefulness of staff. Only Eunike Living matches my demands and  I was very happy when Mey suggested to drop by my place for me to assess and decide after her presentation.

I was having my doubts 5 months ago and wondered how chemical-free cleaning can work out but i am truly impressednow by the natural cleaning concept. My home now have a different “feel” after every cleaning, the green and slick atmosphere is simply enjoyable. In addition, Mey is always very professional and understands my high standards of cleanliness. Even my German Shepherd can interact with her which I find at ease. As the cleaning is only on weekends morning, I usually sleep in peace while Mey is busy at work. Most importantly, the cost is very reasonable and comparatively below other quotations. Thanks alot, Mey!