One Time Cleaning Services

Pre-Move / Move Out / Post Renovation

We can help you with:

Post Renovation Cleaning — There is a lot of dust and debris that need to be cleared and cleaned post-renovation. Sometimes people wrongfully assume that the post-renovation cleaning will be handled by the renovation contractor.

Pre-move Cleaning — if you wish to save energy and excitement before moving into your new living space, Eunikeliving is your best choice for a professional cleaning.

Move-out Cleaning — when you need to return the apartment to the owner at the end of the rental lease in the best state possible, our professional cleaners will put you at ease and ensure a high-quality standard of cleaning is delivered

These options are considered One Time cleaning services. It is a one-off cleaning engagement and usually, it is completed within a day.


  • Sink cleaned
  • Fixtures cleaned
  • Tub and/or shower tiles cleaned
  • Toilets cleaned inside and out, including base and behind
  • Vanity top cleaned
  • Mirror cleaned
  • Glassdoor cleaned
  • Wall tiles wiped
  • Windows glass, frames, tracks, grilles cleaned
  • Fingerprints removed from all woodwork, doorframes and switch plates
  • Tiled floor vacuumed and mopped


  • Countertops and backsplash cleaned
  • Cabinet fronts cleaned
  • Inside of cabinets cleaned (if empty)
  • Sinks scrubbed and wiped down
  • Wall tiles wiped
  • Fingerprints removed from all woodwork, doorframes and switch plates
  • Windows glass, frames, tracks, grilles cleaned
  • Tiled floor vacuumed and mopped
  • Clean cooker hood and hob
  • Wipe exterior of electrical appliances, washer & dryer, oven and fridge external and internal (if empty)


  • All areas dusted – on top, on front and underneath
  • Windows glass, frames, tracks, grilles cleaned
  • Cupboards/wardrobes wiped outside and inside(if empty)
  • Ceiling fans and blinds dusted and cleaned
  • Wipe exterior of air-con blower units
  • Fingerprints cleaned from all woodwork, doorframes and switch plates
  • Skirtings wiped
  • Hard surface floor vacuumed and mopped


  • Furniture/cabinets/TV dusted
  • Hard floors vacuumed and mopped
  • Carpeted floors vacuumed
  • Ceiling fans and blinds dusted and cleaned
  • Skirtings wiped and cobwebs removed
  • Windows glass, frames, tracks, grilles cleaned
  • Fingerprints wiped from all woodwork, doorframes and switch plates


  • All ceiling fans and lights that can be safely reached by a ladder cleaned (except chandeliers or lights with delicate designs).
  • Remove cobwebs from ceiling corners
  • Clean racks, vacuum and mop storage room if accessible
  • Balcony floor vacuum and mopped
  • Sliding door glass cleaned
  • Wipe exterior of air-con blower units

Why Chose Eunikeliving for Cleaning Services in Singapore?

More than 1000 spaces served

We have the privilege and pleasure of providing our one-time cleaning services to more than a thousand homes and offices in Singapore to-date

We respect your home

Everything in your home is personal & precious for you. Our staff takes extra care to ensure nothing in your house is damaged by harsh chemical cleaning agents and accidents are reduced to a minimum during our work. 

Proud of our awards and testimonials

Awarded “3 Best Cleaning Services in Tampines” by “Three Best Rated” and Honored by multiple testimonials of our happy clients

Our staff is equipped with the right tools & materials

As a professional cleaning company, unlike a third-party agency, we do ensure that our staff is equipped sufficiently and with the right tools and materials to carry out a proper cleaning job


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Since 2008, Eunike Living has been providing home cleaning services to thousands of properties in Singapore. These residential properties include condominium, HDB apartments, landed houses, and more.

The last thing a homeowner would want to experience is that the renovated house has not been professionally cleaned for moving in. Or a tenant having problem returning the apartment to the owner because the End Tenancy cleaning service was not done properly.

The lifestyle here in Singapore is busy and hectic for most people. And spending hours doing a detailed deep cleaning on your own is the last thing on one’s mind. Usually, in a Singaporean family, both husband & wife are busy at work. When they are home, they need to spend time with their children. There is no time to do house cleaning even for the one-off cleaning to celebrate that special festive occasion. Let’s not forget, there are other occasions where you might need a one-time deep cleaning.

Whatever your cleaning needs are, you can rely on us to deliver a professional cleaning service for an apartment, house, or office. Our team of dedicated and experienced cleaners will put you at ease and ensure to deliver a high-quality standard of cleaning. It feels great to know that you can expect a clean home to move into. Or that the handing over of the rented apartment to the owner will be smooth. We aim and pride ourselves in delivering our house cleaning services that exceed client’s expectations.

Our cleaning crew brings along a wide range of cleaning solutions, clothes, and equipment. Including vacuum cleaners, ladders, degreasers, scrubbers for cleaning job assignments.

Why Engage Post Renovation Cleaning Service?

After you complete the renovation of your property, there is a need for proper cleanup. This should be done to ensure that the house or apartment is ready and safe for living. Most of the cases, there is a lot of detailed internal and external cleaning work, such as dirt, dust and debris from surfaces.

After completing the project, the renovation contractors should do some of the post-renovation cleanups. Usually, a renovation contractor will do a general sweeping of dust and clearing of construction debris. There are still dusts everywhere from the ceiling light to the windows. Also, you might find dirt and dust on the tracks of cupboards and cabinets. And this level of general post renovation cleaning is inadequate for you to move into the newly renovated home.
You have two options, to do the house cleaning yourself with help from friends and family or to hire a professional cleaning company.

It is important to note that cleaning an apartment after renovation is not for the fainthearted. It is different from your regular house cleaning. It requires more time and effort and certainly lots of elbow grease to deal with the amount of renovation dust and stains. It requires covering hard-to-reach areas and high places like the ceiling fans and wall ledges etc.

Besides, you need the proper equipment (ladders, vacuum cleaners, scrapers, etc) and cleaning materials to deal with all these difficult tasks. And if you planning to undertake the post-renovation deep cleaning yourself, there is also a risk of using the wrong equipment or cleaning chemicals which could result in the damage of delicate surfaces like marble flooring.

Planning and moving to your renovated home are already stressful activities that would take up much of your effort and time. It is worth considering leaving the cleaning to professional cleaners.

Moving into a new home

You finally found a new house to rent or buy and you are very excited to move-in and stay. However, there are lots of things to organize like engaging a mover, arrangement for your power supply to be turned on, contacting telco company to install your internet connection, servicing your air conditioners etc. But I think the most important task which sometimes is overlooked is to get the apartment professionally cleaned before you move in.

Again, as in Post Renovation cleaning, you should engage a high-quality pre-moving cleaning service company in Singapore. However, not all cleaning services companies are the same in the cleaning standards and pricing. Give yourself sufficient time to look for and compare the services they provide. It is important to look at customer reviews and feedback. Price can be a factor for choosing the cleaning service provider but it should not be most important factor. Many times choosing the cheapest cleaning service may result in an unpleasant outcome. It could result in spending more money re-engaging another cleaning company to reclean the apartment.

End Tenancy or Move Out Cleaning

The last thing you want to experience on the day you are moving out of the rented apartment is the owner or owner agent telling you that the apartment is still dirty and they are not accepting it.
And you could have paid for a move out cleaning service which makes it more frustrating.

End of Tenancy cleaning or Handover cleaning is a deep cleaning service that involves detailed cleaning every aspect of the house from the ceiling fans and lights, the interior of cupboards and cabinets, windows and mirrors to the tile walls and floors.

Usually, the areas that require more effort and attention for Move Out cleaning are the bathrooms and kitchen. For the bathrooms, you may have to deal with removing soap scum from shower glass door and shower screen, scrub away mold from tile edges, chemical wash the toilets and floor. For the kitchen, the most challenging cleaning task is to degrease and clean the stains on the cooker hood and hob, wash and remove stains from the internal compartments of fridge and clean behind fridge and washing machine. And sometimes the internal of kitchen cabinets may need to be degreased as well.

It is important therefore when you engage a cleaning company to ensure that the scope of cleaning covers all these aspects. Equally important is to confirm that the cleaning service company has the proper equipment and cleaning solutions and materials to handle all these demanding tasks.

We aim to deliver a professional cleaning service that will more than meet the expectations of the tenant as well as the owner who is taking the apartment back.

Our cleaning staff are highly experienced in this type of deep cleaning service and have been working with our company for many years. You can see from the testimonies received from our valued clients that our house cleaners will usually deliver above expectations.

We endeavour to use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and equipment to deliver a clean home and a healthy environment. For example, the degreaser used for degreasing the kitchen cooker hood and hob is citrus-based and eco-friendly. We also bring a whole suite of cleaning equipment like ladders, vacuum cleaners, scrappers, window squeeze, etc to reach and properly clean the hard to reach areas.

What is covered in the Post Move Cleaning Service?

One important aspect of Move Out cleaning that differentiates it from other types of House cleaning service is that the kitchen needs special attention and effort and cleaning materials to deliver a satisfactory cleaning job. The fridge and oven which had been used need to be thoroughly cleaned inside and outside. All the detachable parts need to be removed, clean, and scrub before putting them back. Also, the cooker hook and hob and maybe the kitchen cabinets need to be degreased and clean as well.