Steam Cleaning Services In Singapore

Professional Steam Cleaning Services Singapore

Eunike Living specialises in One time Pre-Move/ Post-Move/ Post Renovation and End-of-Lease cleaning services. As part of our eco-friendly approach to House Cleaning Services, we are providing steam cleaning services for our valued clients who prefer a better, more effective and safe way of cleaning and sanitising their homes before they move into their new homes or during periodic festive Spring Cleaning.

Why use Steam cleaning for your home?

Steam Cleaning involves using hot steam for cleaning. It is basically cleaning with hot water in vapour form and it is 100% environmentally friendly and safe for your home.  Traditional household cleaning agents commonly contain harmful chemicals that are potential causes of dizziness, nausea, allergic reactions, eye, skin and respiratory tract irritation and other illness.

Dust mites are eight-legged microscopic bugs that feed on skin flakes and can commonly be found in mattresses, pillows, stuff toys, carpets. These, if not removed, would multiply and their excretions can also trigger sneezing, watery eyes, rashes and even asthma.

Do you know that your pet’s dead skin flakes, faeces, urine, saliva and fur may cause allergic reactions or trigger asthma attacks in individuals sensitive to animal allergens? These allergens may be detected in your home even though you do not keep pets.

If you do keep pet dogs or cats, their bodies are in constant contact with the floor surfaces. Using harsh cleaning agents for your floor would leave chemical residues that could be a cause for your pets excessive hair loss or allergic skin reactions.

Using steam cleaning to decrease and sanitise your kitchen floor

One of the most challenging areas in the house or apartment to clean is usually the kitchen. The reason is that when we cook, especially when we deep-fry fish or chicken or stir fry vegetables, the kitchen floor and even the cabinets get oil stains on them. And over time if we do not clean the floor or cabinet regularly, the accumulation of oil stains make cleaning a very difficult task.

One solution to effectively clean, degrease and sanitise your kitchen floor is to steam clean it. Using steam cleaning to remove oil stains is not only effective, but it is also 100% eco-friendly. It only uses water which is turned into hot steam. The hot steam when applied will break down the oil stains and at the same time, disinfects the floor or any other surfaces where the hot steam is applied to.

You can see the steam cleaning service in action in here ->  STEAM CLEANING AND DEGREASING KITCHEN FLOOR

Steam cleaning services we provide:

  • mattresses, pillows and upholstery to kill/remove dust mites
  • sanitisation of your bathrooms and kitchen to get rid of germs and bacteria
  • steam floor mopping to sanitise and remove residual cleaning agent on the floor surfaces
  • eliminating possible traces of bedbugs or other parasite eggs from your home.
  • This is highly recommended after you engage pest control service to get rid of the pest problem in your house
  • degreasing your kitchen hard to reach areas like cooker hood and hob
Mold cleaning
Mattress Steam Cleaning
Steam Cleaning sofa and chair