I was having a major problem with the flooring in my living room. HDB had to replace the tiles for the whole living room just before Hari Raya. Can you imagine the mess and dirt that was created?

The dirt spread to the whole house – kitchen, bedrooms, toilets… and my furniture and fittings were all filled with dust.   And all these with Hari Raya just 4 days away!

I desperately needed help to clean the house and decided to engage Eunike Living to Spring Clean my house. They came on short notice in the morning of Hari Raya’s eve. I left the house for them to clean while I sent my kids to school.

I came back 5 hours later and they were still at work. The outcome – my wife and I were very satisfied. Only 2 words to describe “GREAT JOB!”. I was pleasantly surprised to see my house transformed – so clean! It was like a brand new house.

Thanks to the cleaning staff who really put in a lot of effort and paid attention to all the details. I highly recommend Eunike Living Cleaning Services to anyone looking for a professional and reliable cleaning company that delivers beyond your expectation.