Upholstery And Curtains Cleaning Services

Eunike Living’s Upholstery Cleaning service uses eco-friendly cleaning products. Combine with the use of the latest dry cleaning technology, we deliver great results without causing damage to the upholstery in the cleaning process.

Cleaning upholstery requires different approach for different type of fabrics or material used (leather, cloth fabric etc) in the upholstery.. Using a common method or cleaning product may not satisfactorily clean your furniture and worse still cause damage to it. We will carefully assess your upholstery and apply appropriate cleaner and process to give the best results.

Curtains Cleaning

It is that festive season again or you are about to hand-over your apartment and needs the apartment curtains to be cleaned. At Eunike Living, we can take care of that for you so that you can free your time on more enjoyable and meaningful activities.

We do offer steam cleaning or dry cleaning for your curtains. Our services for dry cleaning of curtains include taking down the curtains, sending them to factory for dry cleaning and re-installing them back when they are cleaned. The turnaround is usually about 4-5 days.

If you just need to freshen the curtains, we can do steam cleaning for your curtains on-site. This should be completed within a day. Steam cleaning is not suitable for removing stains on the curtains. It is mostly use for hygiene purpose to remove dust and sanitize the curtains using hot steam.

Upholstery & Curtains Cleaning