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Post Renovation Cleaning tips and Checklist

Do you want to hire the best post-renovation cleaning professionals for removing the dust and dirt layers that have been accumulated as result of renovation? You are in the right direction!! What is Post renovation Cleaning The phrase “post-renovation cleaning”...

How to clean your kitchen with baking soda ?

If you want to maintain your kitchen clean in an environmentally friendly way, try using baking soda instead of commercial cleaners which contain harsh chemicals that are harmful for your home as well as the environment. Below are some examples how baking soda can be...

How to clean a Refrigerator ?

Throw out old, moldy or expired food. Toss anything you don’t use regularly, too. Just pour some baking soda in a bucket of warm water. Wipe your refrigerator inside and outside with a cloth and baking soda water solution, rinsing well with a washcloth and water. For...