Renovations are both stressful and exciting, but the end result is well worth any inconvenience. The renovation work itself could take weeks or even months. However, even after the construction crew has left, your work is not done. Before you can enjoy your new space fully, it must first be cleaned. Eunike Living a professional cleaning company has some useful tips for post-renovation cleaning that you should keep in mind.

What is included in renovation cleaning?

When cleaning a house or apartment after a renovation or construction, it is critical to understand where to begin and what tasks must be completed.  Eunikeliving Cleaner typically performs renovation cleaning in stages:

Intensive cleaning

We remove debris and leftover materials, remove plastic and labels from newly installed items, and vacuum the area to remove construction dust during the rough clean.

Thorough cleaning

The deep cleaning stage of renovation cleaning is the most labour-intensive. It involves cleaning, dusting, and properly disinfecting all types of surfaces in all rooms of your apartment.

Cleaning at the end

The renovation or construction cleaning may also include the final clean-up, which consists of last-minute carpet vacuuming, dusting, and wiping the surfaces with a damp cloth to trap any dust that may have settled since the thorough cleaning stage.

Checklist for Renovation Cleaning

If you’re not sure what your renovation cleaning to-do list should look like, here are some ideas:

  • Installations’ stickers and plastic are being removed.
  • Recycling and disposal of cardboard flooring, debris, and trash (junk removal services may help).
  • Window cleaning after renovations (glass and window ledges, both interior and exterior)
  • Cleaning the floors, woodwork, and carpets with a vacuum to remove dust, dirt, and small debris.
  • Light fixtures, baseboards, frames, doors, doorjambs, fans, and heaters should all be dusted and cleaned.
  • Appliances, shelves, and cabinets should all be cleaned (inside and outside).
  • Interior wall, brickwork, and tile cleaning
  • Cleaning the floors.

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