Many detergent commercials will clean dried blood out of fabrics to demonstrate the power of the product. Blood can be difficult to remove from fabrics, but these cleaning tips should help you remove the stain:

  • Cornstarch, cornmeal, or talcum powder can be mixed with water to make a paste to place on fresh spots of blood. Once the paste dries, you should be able to brush it, and the stain, away.
  • Another solution, which can also work for dried blood stains, is to cover the stain with meat tenderizer and cool water. In less than 30 minutes you should be able to wipe the stain away with a sponge of cool water.
  • Fresh blood can be removed from leather by using hydrogen peroxide. Dab some on the fresh stain and it will bubble. When the bubbling stops, you can wipe it off, along with the blood.